Why Men Prefer Sexy Footwear In The Bedroom

17 May

Every person has a known or unknown sexual fetish. A few fetishes are a complete turn on others are so weird. One of the most common type of fetish is the foot and shoe fetish. Many men have experienced some kind of sexual stimulation once they see a woman in high heels.  Research has also shown that men love women who dress up in the bedroom and to top it off, those who wear sexy footwear during the sexual escapades.  It is a footwear fetish if shoes must be involved when you are having sex with your partner.   If you do not have any sexual feeling when you are attracted to the shoes, then it is just a shoe desire.

Human beings minds have sexual fantasies. Seeing their partners wear high sexy footwear, men have their sexual fantasies somehow fulfilled.  Men are naturally attracted to women who wear high heels.   It is not wrong to have a footwear fetish as long as it does not hurt the other significant other.  You can only fulfill secret sexual fantasies by physically implementing them.  Men also prefer sexy footwear because it enhances the body of a woman.  It brings out the shape of her body when a woman stands upright in high footwear which is a complete turn on to the man. Click here to discover more!

It does not bother a man if he is grazed by the sexy footwear or whether there is pain involved because, the mind of the man has been programmed to be pleasured by the footwear.  On the contrary, the grazing of the footwear on his body drives him wild.  As a woman, pleaser high heels make you feel really good and confident.  Wearing the sexy footwear and showing confidence will turn on your man.  When you show you are feeling sexy and wanted as a woman then your man will want you even more during sex. Discover more facts about footwear at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/shoes-without-a-footprint-zero-carbon_us_57ff5687e4b05eff5581a3ed.

Women who wear sexy footwear for their partner during their sexual escapades portray her sexy side.  Surprisingly, men have that kind of fetish.  It is weird that they dream of having sex with a thought and when you dress up that way you complete their fantasy.   It is alright if both you and your partner connect and do not find the fetish weird.  Sexy pleaser heels and a mirror inside the room is another fetish for men.  It is a good view for the man looking at the mirror and seeing a reflection of you in the mirror in sexy footwear during sex.  If there is no awkwardness between the partners and are comfortable with the fetish, then there is no shame to carry. Click here now!

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